The 11 best investments to make in 2022

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To have a comfortable financial future, making investments are vital for the majority of people. As the coronavirus epidemic has demonstrated that a seemingly stable economic system can quickly flip around and leave those who were not prepared for a difficult time trying to find a source of income.

However, with the economy going due to a flurry of high inflation which are the best investment options for investors this year? One suggestion is to make the right mix of investments that are safe as well as riskier, more lucrative ones.

The best investment opportunities in 2022:

Savings accounts that are high yield

Short-term deposit certificates

Funds for short-term government bonds

Series I bonds

Corporate bond funds with short-term maturity

S&P 500 index funds

Dividend stock funds

Value stock funds

Nasdaq-100 index funds

Housing for rent


Why should you invest?

The investment process can be another source of income to help you save for retirement or to help you get out of financial trouble. Most importantly, investing increases your wealth, aiding you in achieving your financial goals, and increasing the amount you can spend in the long run. Perhaps it’s been a while since you sold your house or made some extra cash. It’s best to let the money do the service you.

Although investing can create wealth, you’ll need to be able to manage the risks associated with it. It is important to be financially prepared to make this happen, which means you’ll require a manageable amount of debt and a sufficient emergency fund, and be able to weather the volatility of the market, without having to borrow money.

There are numerous options to invest in, ranging from safe options such as CDs and market accounts to more risky alternatives like corporate bonds and more risky investments like index funds for stocks. This is great news because it means that you can choose options that provide a range of returns that match your risk tolerance. This also means you can mix investments to build a well-rounded and well-diversified — which is, a safer portfolio.

Overview: The best investments to make in 2022 Check it.

1. Savings accounts with high yield

A high-yielding online savings account offers you an interest rate on the balance of your cash. Similar to the savings account that earns pennies at your brick-and-mortar bank, high-yield online savings accounts can be used to access your money. With less overhead expenses and a higher rate of return, you will typically get significantly higher rates of interest when you use online banks. In addition, you will typically be able to gain access to the funds by swiftly transferring them to your primary bank, or maybe through an ATM.

Savings accounts are the ideal option for those who have to have access to cash in the near future.

The best investment you can make for

Savings accounts that are high-yielding work well for investors who are cautious about risk, particularly for those who require money in the short run and wish to reduce the possibility of not being able to receive the money they invested back.


The banks that provide these accounts are insured by the FDIC and therefore you won’t have to be concerned about losing the money you’ve put in. Although high yield savings accounts are considered safe investments similar to CDs, they have the possibility of losing your purchasing power over time because of inflation, in the event that rates are too low.

How do I start a savings account?

Check out Bankrate’s list of the top high-yield savings accounts for the highest rate. In addition, credit unions and banks can have savings accounts but you won’t have the best rate.

2. Certificates of Deposit for short-term periods

Certificates of Deposit, also known as CDs can be issued by banks and typically have a higher rate of interest as compared to savings accounts. They can also be the best option if you expect rates to increase, and allow the possibility of investing at higher rates after the CD is due to mature.

The federally-insured time deposits come with particular maturity dates that could be as short as a couple of weeks up or even several years. Since “time deposits” are “time deposits,” you are not able to withdraw the funds during a certain time frame without cost.

A CD bank will pay you interest at intervals that are regular. After the CD is matured the initial principal is back along with any interest accrued. It’s a good idea to look on the internet for the most competitive rates.

Due to their security and high returns, CDs are an excellent option for retirees who don’t require immediate income and can secure their funds for a small amount.

The best investment you can make for

A CD is a great option for investors who aren’t averse to risk, especially those who need cash in a particular time frame and may be able to tie up their money in exchange for a higher yield than what they would get in savings or checking account.


CDs are generally considered to be safe investment options. But they come with a risk of reinvestment — the chance that, if rates decrease and investors earn less when they invest principal and interest into new CDs that have lower rates such as what we experienced in 2021 and 2020. Another possibility is that rates could increase and investors won’t be capable of taking advantage of the rate increase since they’ve already sunk their money in a CD. In addition, with rates likely to rise even more in 2022, it could be beneficial to stay with the short-term CDs to allow you to reinvest for higher returns in the future.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that taxes and inflation can drastically reduce the value of your investments.

Where can I buy a CD?

Bankrate’s top list of CD rates will allow you to get the most competitive rate in the country rather than having to choose in your particular region. In addition institutions like credit unions and banks usually offer CDs, but they’re unlikely to offer the most competitive rate locally.

3. Government bond funds with a short-term maturity

These funds, also known as government bond funds, are ETFs or mutual funds which invest in debt securities released from the U.S. government and its agencies. Similar to short-term CDs, bonds from the government don’t expose you to a lot of risks when rates increase as they did since the beginning of 2022.

These funds are invested into U.S. government debt and mortgage-backed securities that are issued by government-sponsored companies like Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac. These bond funds from the government are ideal for risk-averse investor.

They are also an excellent option for novice investors as well as those seeking cash flow.

The best investment you can make for

The government bond fund could be a good choice for investors who are cautious about risk however, certain types of money (like long-term bonds) could fluctuate more than short-term funds because of changes in interest rates.


The funds that invest in government debt instruments are thought to be among the most secure investments since the bonds are guaranteed by the complete credit and faith of the U.S. government.

If interest rates increase then the cost of current bonds falls, and when interest rates decrease and prices for the bonds that are in circulation rise. The risk of interest rates is higher for bonds with a long-term maturity than for shorter-term bonds, however. Short-term bonds will experience the least impact from increasing rates, but they will increase their interest rate when the rates are rising.

If inflation remains high, your interest rate could not hold up, and you’ll lose buying power.

Where can you get it?

Bond funds are available for purchase through a variety of online brokers, specifically ones that allow the trading of ETFs and mutual funds. The majority of brokers who provide ETFs allow you to purchase and sell them with zero commissions, while mutual funds might require that you pay a fee or make a minimum purchase but not always.

4. Series I bonds

The U.S. Treasury issues savings bonds for investors who are individuals The most popular choice in 2022 includes that of the series I bond. The Series I bond provides insurance against rising inflation. It provides a base interest rate and then adds an additional component that is based on the inflation rate. In the end, if inflation increases, so do the amount paid. The reverse is also true: If inflation decreases and the rate of interest. The inflation adjustment is reset at least every 6 months.

Series I bonds pay interest for 30 years as long as they aren’t exchanged for cash.

The best investment you can make for

Similar to other debt issued by the government, Series I bonds are ideal for investors who don’t want to take the risk of default. They are also an excellent alternative for those looking to safeguard their investments from inflation. However, investors are restricted to purchasing only $10,000 in one calendar year. However, you can use up to a maximum of $5,000 tax refund for purchases of Series I bonds.


This Series I bond protects your investment against the risk of inflation which is the primary disadvantage of investing in many bonds. In addition, like other government-issued bonds, they are regarded to be among the most secure worldwide against the threat of default.

Where can I get it?

You can purchase Series I bonds directly from the U.S. Treasury at The Treasury does not charge a commission for this.

5. Corporate bond funds that are short-term in nature.

Businesses may raise funds through the issue of bonds to investors. they can be combined into bond funds, which hold bonds issued by hundreds of companies. Short-term bonds typically have a maturity of between one and five years, making them less prone to changes in interest rates than long-term or intermediate-term bonds.

Corporate bond funds are an ideal choice for investors seeking cash flow like retirees, or for those looking to decrease the risk of their portfolio and still earn a profit.

The best investment you can make for

Short-term corporate bond funds could be a good option for investors looking for a little higher yield than bond funds.


Similar to other bond funds short-term corporate bond funds aren’t insured by the FDIC. These funds are typically investment-grade and provide investors with higher yields than municipal or government bond funds.

But the bigger reward comes with increased risk. There is always a chance that companies could have their credit rating lowered or fall into financial difficulties and have to pay the bond back. To lower the chance, ensure your funds are comprised of quality corporate bonds.

Where to find it!

You can purchase and sell corporate bond funds with any broker who permits trading ETFs, or mutual funds. Many brokers permit you to trade ETFs without commission, however, some brokers require commissions or a minimum investment to purchase mutual funds.

6. S&P 500 index funds

If you’re looking to earn greater returns than traditional bonds or banking products A good option can be the S&P 500 index fund, although it has greater volatility.

The fund is constructed on approximately five hundred of the biggest American businesses, which means that it is comprised of some of the most profitable firms worldwide. For instance, Amazon and Berkshire Hathaway are among the most well-known member companies within the index.

As with most funds that you can find, the S&P 500 index fund offers immediate diversification that allows you to be part of every one of these companies. The fund is comprised of companies from all industries and is, therefore, more robust than other investments. In the past, the index has returned approximately 10 percent per year. They can be bought with low-cost ratios (how much the management company costs to manage this fund) and are among the top index funds.

The S&P 500 index fund is the ideal choice for novice investors because it offers broad and diverse exposure to the market.

The best investment to make

The S&P 500 index fund is an excellent option for anyone who is looking for a diverse investment, and who wants to stay on the market for a minimum of up to three years.


The S&P 500 fund is among the least risky options to put money into stocks because it’s composed of the top companies in the market and has a broad portfolio. Of course, it comprises stocks, and therefore it’s riskier than bonds and other products from banks. Also, it’s not covered by the government, which means you could be liable to lose money due to fluctuation in value. But the index has performed very well over the years.

The index surged in a flurry following its plunge due to pandemics in March 2020. However, the index has been unable to perform well in 2022 So investors might need to be cautious and adhere to their long-term investment strategy.

Where to find it

You can buy the S&P 500 index fund at any broker that permits the trading of ETFs and mutual funds. ETFs usually have no commissions and don’t require any additional charges, whereas mutual funds can modify a commission, and may will require an investment minimum.

7. Dividend stock funds

Even your investments in the stock market could be a bit more secure by investing in dividend-paying stocks.

Dividends are the portion of the company’s profits that are paid to shareholders on an annual basis. If you own a dividend stock you will not only earn the value of your investment by gaining an appreciation in the market over time, but you’ll also earn money in the short term.

Individual stocks, regardless of whether they pay dividends or otherwise, are more suitable for advanced and intermediate investors. However, you can purchase several of them through an investment fund that will reduce the risk.

The best investment to make

Dividend stock funds can be a great choice for any type of investor, but they can be more suitable for investors seeking income. People who require an income stream and who can invest for longer durations might find these funds appealing.


Like any other investment in stocks dividend, stocks are a source of the risk of. They are considered to be safer than growth stocks, or dividend stocks, but you must select your portfolio with care.

It is important to invest in companies that have an established history of increasing dividends instead of choosing those with the highest yield. This could indicate imminent problems. But even highly regarded businesses could be impacted by a crisis. So an excellent reputation is not a guarantee against a company that is threatening to cut its dividends or eliminate them completely.

But, you can eliminate a lot of these risks by purchasing an investment fund that pays dividends and has an array of assets that are diverse and reducing your dependence on a single firm.

Where can you get it?

Dividend stock funds can be purchased as mutual funds or ETFs at any broker who deals with these funds. ETFs can be more beneficial since they usually do not have a minimum purchase requirement and typically are fee-free. However, mutual funds might require a minimum purchase and brokers may charge a fee for them according to the broker.

8. Value stock funds

With the recent rise in stocks over the past couple of years, which could lead to a significant overvaluation, investors are contemplating where to place their investment money. Value stocks could be a viable alternative. They invest in value stocks, ones that are priced lower over other options on the market. Additionally, they tend to be more profitable as interest rates increase.

A number of value stock funds offer dividends and that’s an additional incentive to many potential investors.

The best investment to make

Value stocks are a good choice for those that are used to the risk of trading in the stock. Stock fund investors need to have a long-term investment time frame, which is a minimum of three to five years to be able to weather any market bumps.


Value stock funds are likely to be more secure than other stock funds due to their price-for-value, but they’re made of stocks, which means they are more volatile than other investments that are more secure, such as short-term bonds. Value stocks are not covered by the government nor are they insured by the government.

Where can I get it?

Value stocks can be found in two kinds: mutual funds or ETFs. funds. ETFs are typically available without commissions and have no minimum purchase requirement with all big online brokerages. But, some mutual funds might require a minimum purchase, and online brokers might charge a fee to trade ETFs.

9. Nasdaq-100 index funds

An index fund based upon the Nasdaq-100 is an excellent option for investors looking to get exposure to some of the largest and most reputable tech companies without needing to select winners and losers or to study particular companies.

The fund is built on Nasdaq’s top 100 businesses, meaning that they’re among the top performers and stable. The companies that make up the fund comprise Apple as well as Meta Platforms, each of which makes up a substantial proportion of the overall index. Microsoft is another notable member company.

A Nasdaq 100 index fund provides instant diversification, ensuring your portfolio isn’t at risk of the loss of one company. The top Nasdaq index funds come with an extremely low-cost ratio and are a cost-effective method to own all companies included in the index.

The best investment you can make for

An index fund like the Nasdaq-100 is a great option for investors in stocks who are looking to grow and ready to endure extreme fluctuations. Investors should take a pledge to hold the fund for at least 3 to 5 years. Making use of dollar-cost-averaging to invest in an index fund that trades at all-time highs could aid in reducing your risk when compared to buying it by way of a lump amount.


As with all publicly traded stocks, This group of stocks may also decline, too. Although the Nasdaq-100 is home to among the top tech firms, they are also among the most valued. This means they’re most likely to plummet rapidly during a recession like they did at the beginning of the year although they might rise after a period of economic growth.

Where can you get it?

Nasdaq-100 index funds can be found in both mutual and ETF funds. The majority of brokers permit you to trade ETFs without commissions however mutual funds can charge a fee and require an investment minimum.

10. Housing for rent

A rental property is a good investment if you’ve got the ability to be able to oversee your personal property. Even with mortgage rates rising higher, it could be the best time to finance purchasing a brand new property, even though the uncertain economy could make it more difficult to run the property.

To go down this path then you’ll need to pick the best property, either finance it or purchase it on your own, keep it in good condition and manage tenants. It’s possible to do well by making smart investments. But you’ll never be able to enjoy the convenience of purchasing and selling your investments on the stock market using the click of a button on your device that is connected to the internet. In addition, you may need to endure the occasionally 3 a.m. phone call to report an unrepaired pipe.

However, if you keep your assets for a long time, gradually pay off loans and increase rent You’ll probably have a strong cash flow when it’s time to retire.

The best investment to make

A rental property is an excellent option for investors with a long-term view who wish to control their property as well as generate an ongoing flow of cash.


Like all assets, it is possible to overpay for housing, just as investors in the mid-2000s realized. With low rates of interest and a limited supply of housing, prices for housing rose in the years between 2020 and 2021 regardless of the economic downturn. In addition, the lack of liquidity could be an issue if you ever had to get cash fast. It is possible that you will need to raise cash to cover some costs like replacing your air conditioner or roof when they’re required and rising costs could impact the cost of replacing these items. Naturally, you’ll be at the risk of your property being vacant while you’re paying your mortgage.

Where can you get it?

It is likely that you will need to collaborate with a real estate agent to locate rental properties or create an organization that could be in a position to find better deals prior to when they go on the market.

11. Cryptocurrency

It is a type of digital currency that is designed to function as an instrument of exchange. It has become a popular market in recent years, particularly as dollars have flooded into the currency increasing prices and attracting even more traders to the markets.

Bitcoin is among the popular cryptocurrency. Its value fluctuates frequently, and it is a magnet for numerous traders. For instance, starting at an initial price of less than $10,000 for a coin at the beginning of the year 2020, Bitcoin soared to around $30,000 by the time of 2021. It then doubled over the $60,000 threshold, but then dropped significantly in 2022.

This year has been especially challenging for cryptocurrency and the most popular cryptos crashing sharply. However, some cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are just coming off their all-time levels, meaning that people who bought a long time ago and then held (or held) might enjoy some good gains despite the recent decline.

As with other assets on this list, the one listed here is not insured by any institution like the FDIC or the power to generate money of a government agency or a company. The value of the asset is determined by the price that traders are willing to be willing to pay.

The best investment to make

Cryptocurrency is great for risk-averse investors who aren’t afraid of having their investments fall to zero, in exchange for the possibility of greater returns. It’s not the best option for those who aren’t comfortable with risk or who require any type of security in their investment.


The risks associated with cryptocurrency are very serious and could transform any currency into a total zero, like being banned or heavily regulated. Digital currencies are extremely unpredictable and could drop (or rise) dramatically even in brief timeframes and their value is dependent entirely on what the traders pay. There is also a chance of being targeted by hackers, given several high-profile thefts that have occurred in the past. If you’re investing in cryptocurrency it is important to select the ones that remain in the market, while others might disappear completely.

Where to find it

The cryptocurrency is offered by a variety of brokerages, including Interactive Brokers, Webull, and TradeStation however, they offer a variety that is limited to most well-known coins. Contrarily, a cryptocurrency exchange like Binance or Coinbase could have a wide range of cryptocurrency options including the most sought-after to the less well-known.

What should you think about

When you’re considering what to invest in, you’ll need to think about a number of aspects that include your risk tolerance, your time perspective, your understanding of investment, financial circumstances, and the amount you are able to put into it.

If you’re hoping to increase your wealth, it’s possible to invest in low-risk investments which offer a moderate return as well as be more risk-averse and strive for a better return. There’s usually a balance in making investments that balance risk and return. It is possible to adopt a more balanced strategy by having completely safe investment options while also providing yourself with the possibility of long-term growth.

The most profitable investment options for 2022 will allow you to combine both with different levels of return and risk.

Risk tolerance

Risk tolerance is the amount you are willing to take in the event of changes in the value of your investments. Are you willing to take large chances to earn big gains? Do you require an investment portfolio that is more cautious? It could be based on your personal risk tolerance as well as based on the situation your financial situation demands.

Investors who are conservative or approaching retirement might feel more comfortable distributing a greater portion of their portfolios to safer investments. They’re also great to save for medium- and short-term objectives. If the market is volatile CDs, the investments you make in another FDIC-protected account will not go away and will remain ready when you’re in need of these accounts.

The ones with a stronger stomach and those who are still building their retirement savings and those who have 10 years or more before they require the funds are more likely to do well when they have riskier portfolios as long they diversify. The longer time frame will allow you to take advantage of the stock market’s volatility and benefit from their potential for higher returns such as.

Time horizon

The term “time horizon” simply refers to when you’ll need money. Are you in need of the money today or in the next 30 years? Are you saving up for an investment in a home within three years, or are you planning to invest your savings in retirement? Time horizons determine which types of investments will be more suitable.

If you are looking for a less time frame, you’ll need the funds to be in your account at a certain moment in time and not tied to. That means you’ll need more secure investments like CDs, savings accounts, or bonds. They are less volatile and generally more secure.

If you have a long time horizon, you could be able to afford to take risks that have higher returns but are more volatile investment options. Your time horizon lets you take advantage of the fluctuations and ups and downs of the market in the direction of higher long-term gains. With a longer-term time horizon, it is possible to put money into stocks and funds, and later be able to keep it for at least 3 to 5 years.

It is essential to ensure that your investments are aligned to your desired time frame. It’s not a good idea to invest your rent for the month of next into the stock market and just hope that it will be there in the event you require it.

Your expertise

Your understanding of investing plays a crucially in what you’re investing your money into. Savings accounts and CDs require only a little understanding, particularly because they are protected through the FDIC. However, market-based instruments like bonds and stocks require more expertise.

If you’re planning to invest in investments that require more information it is necessary to increase your knowledge of the assets. For instance, if are looking to buy stocks in a particular company, you’ll need an extensive understanding of the company, its product, the industry as well as the competition environment, the financials of the business, and many more. Most people don’t have the time or energy to invest in this type of investment.

There are ways to profit from the market, even if you aren’t as knowledgeable. One of the most effective options is to invest in an index fund comprising a set of stocks. If any one of the stocks does poorly, it’s not impacting the index too much. In essence, you’re betting on the performance of hundreds, perhaps hundreds, of stocks that are more than a bet on the overall performance of the market.

You’ll want to comprehend the limitations of your expertise as you contemplate investing.

What can you invest in?

How much do you have to contribute to an investment? The more money you are able to invest, the more likely it will be worth your time to look into higher-risk, high-return investment options.

If you’re able to bring in more cash, it could be worth the effort to learn about a particular sector or stock, as the potential rewards are higher than those with banks, such as CDs.

If not, it might not be worth the time. Therefore, you can keep using bank products or opt for Mutual funds or ETFs that require less to invest. They can also be beneficial for people who wish to increase the size of the account in a gradual manner like 401(k) participants can do.

Bottom line

Investments can be a fantastic option to build wealth over time. investors have a variety of investment options, ranging from secure less-risky investments to riskier more lucrative ones. The range of options means that you’ll need to be aware of the advantages and cons of each investment choice and how they can be integrated into your overall financial strategy to make an informed choice. Although it might seem overwhelming initially it’s not that difficult for many investors to have their own portfolios.

The first step to investing is simply opening an account with a brokerage. The cost of investing can be quite affordable even in the absence of much money. (Here are the best brokers you can pick from when you’re starting out.)

Review of the top 11 investment opportunities in 2022

Savings accounts with high yield

Certificates of Deposit for short-term periods

Funds for short-term government bonds

Series I bonds

Corporate bond funds with short-term maturity

S&P 500 index funds

Dividend stock funds

Value stock funds

Nasdaq-100 index funds

Housing for rent


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